Invitation Style Envelopes vs Business Style #10s

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

What is the best envelope for a high response direct mail marketing campaign, an invitation envelope or a business style #10?

We’ve tested both, and others. Invitation style envelopes consistently outperform business style envelopes. Why? Ask yourself this… when was the last time you received a hand addressed invitation style envelope in the mail? What was in it, an invitation? A thank you card? It was likely something personal, and likely something you were interested in receiving. So you opened it.

Now ask yourself how long it’s been since you received a #10 business style envelope in the mail. Was it yesterday, or even today? And what was in it? A bank statement or credit card application? It was probably much more recent than the invitation style envelope, which means the invitation style envelope will stand out more than the #10 envelope.

Since the invitation style envelope stands out it will get noticed, and if it’s hand addressed it will pique the curiosity of the recipient. Both of those things will help to get your envelope opened, which will impact the response rate of your yellow letter marketing campaign.

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