Multitouch Campaign for Real Estate Agents – 6 Touches

This multitouch campaign is specifically made for Real Estate Agents, and takes out all of the guesswork of building your campaign. Click “Get A Quote” to receive a quote for your list!


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When it comes to direct mail marketing, consistency = results. Multitouch campaigns allow you to send a consistent message to a targeted mailing list which can generate better results than a single mailing. Multitouch campaigns offer several benefits:

  • Establish Credibility – Multitouch campaigns help assure your leads that you are a credible source. Consistency builds trust!
  • Save Time – After a one time set-up, we will send your follow-up touches on the timeline of your choice. No need to keep track of each touch individually.
  • Increase ROI – While sending out one letter can bring some results, reaching out multiple times can increase your response rate. Each touch increases the likelihood that your leads will contact you!
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