250 Yellow Letters Down the Blue Hatch


So here’s what I did today.  I mailed 250 yellow letters to Pre NOD leads.  I was going to quit targeting short sales for a while, because they can be a pain in the (you know what). but instead, I decided to embrace them.  After all, I have 2 short sales closing this month….One on March 23rd and the other on March 31, 2010. So I can’t complain.  They key to short sales is to stuff them into the pipeline. Not all of them will end up successful, but a good percentage of them will.  And if you’re impatient (like me), then add other types of deals to your workflow.  For me, it’s wholesaling.  Those deals keep me going and active while the short sales brew.

I’ll give you the results of these 250 yellow letters by the end of the week (March 19).  Talk soon!