3 Mailing List Types to Improve Your Response Rate


Using the right mailing list for your direct mail marketing campaign can help boost your response rate. Though often overlooked, your mailing list can determine the overall success of your campaign. The wrong mailing list can hinder your campaign, but the right mailing list can help connect you with motivated leads within your target audience.

Several types of mailing lists are available for your direct mail marketing campaign. To learn how these three mailing list types can improve the response rate of your next campaign, read below.

Absentee Owned Property Lists

When someone owns more than one property, the property(ies) that are not listed as the primary address are considered absentee owned. Since the owner lives elsewhere, they may be more willing to part with the property. Maybe they are tired of paying bills, making repairs, or dealing with renters; the upkeep of a second property may be more than what they want to deal with. When paired with an appropriate mail piece, this list can help connect you with motivated sellers.

Owner Occupied Property Lists

An owner occupied property list includes leads that live at the property on the list. When marketing to an owner occupied list, use patience and consistency. Try sending multiple mail pieces to establish trust and name recognition. If the owner receives more than one mail piece with a consistent message, they are more likely to reach out to you when they are ready to sell.

Owner occupied property lists are perfect if you have a preferred target area. It may take longer for your potential client to decide to sell, but when they do they will remember your name and call you first. This can help line up properties in desirable neighborhoods or with specific market values.

Notice of Default Lists

Notice of default lists consist of leads that have received notices of default. Once someone receives a public notice of default, they become legal to market to without disclosures or an offer of credit. Since the owner faces risk of foreclosure, they may be highly motivated to sell their property. However, be sure send your marketing quickly since the foreclosure process has a fixed timeline.


Adding filters to your mailing list can help you target a certain audience. Adding a date-of birth-filter to an absentee owned property list can help target leads approaching retirement age. If someone considers retiring, they may want to sell a second property. Adding a purchase date helps locate potential clients that have owned the property for a while. This avoids marketing to leads who have just recently purchased a property and are unlikely to consider selling. Picking appropriate filters for your mailing list helps locate potential clients with more interest and more motivation. Filters also help locate desired properties, such as properties with a certain square footage or bedroom count.

To learn more about different types of available mailing lists and the filters you can use, click here. Contact us today to see which mailing list pairs best with your campaign.