3 Tips to Get Your Message Read

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

You’ve done it. You’ve decided to begin marketing with hand-addressed envelopes that have been proven to attain new clients. But now a new challenge stands before you: What do you put in the envelope?

We are in an age of information overload and it is beginning to show. A study conducted by Consumer Insights of Microsoft found that the average adult attention span has shrunk to a mere eight seconds. That means you have roughly eight seconds to make an impact on your potential client. So what should your letter say?

It is tempting to provide as much information as possible. After all, you have invested time and effort into your business and you want that care to be evident to any potential clients. However, a lengthy message may lose the attention of the reader. After all the work you’ve put into preparing your letter, it could be ignored simply because it is too long. Instead, follow these tips to ensure your message is actually read:

• Keep your message concise. Once your client calls, you can explain the finer details.
• Use short, simple words. Your client won’t call if the message is complicated.
• Be mindful of placement. Keep important information (i.e. your phone number) accessible by placing it on a separate line or at the end of a paragraph.

We recommend that your message contains no more than one hundred twenty words. You can see some examples of our typed letter, postcard and yellow letter templates here.

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