4 Benefits of a Drip Marketing Campaign


Marketing works. Good marketing works better. What are some things that will improve your results? Using a targeted mailing list so you are sending your message to people who are interested is important. Sending a message your audience can read and understand is also important. An often overlooked approach with direct mail marketing is consistency. Keeping your message in front of your targeted mailing list is something that can improve the results of your marketing, and this is known as a ‘Drip Campaign’ or a ‘Multi-Touch Campaign’. Using a drip marketing campaign has several benefits:

1. Visibility – A Drip marketing campaign gets your message in front of your target mailing list several times. Does that matter? Well, how many Geico commercials have you seen?

2. Usefulness – Done correctly, a drip marketing campaign can give the people on your targeted mailing list the right information, at the right time. Want to explain the steps of the probate process to people who may be an executor for the first time? A drip campaign is the perfect way to do that.

3. Saves you time – How? You set-up your drip marketing campaign and the campaign mails out on your schedule. Simply set it up and then answer the calls.

4. Done on your schedule – Different targeted mailing lists should have different timing between each mailing. Whether it’s two weeks between each drip or eight weeks, we can tailor the schedule to help make your marketing campaign as effective as possible.

Keeping your message the same but using different words and a different presentation can also improve your response rate. By mixing and matching your mail pieces and color schemes you can improve your response rate. Those differences can include the type of mail piece (yellow letter, typed letter, postcard, or others) and also the type of envelope.