4 Reasons Insurance Professionals Must Take A Personalized Approach To Marketing

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

The insurance industry is ever-changing and evolving, and with that comes tweaks to the marketing strategy you must have in place. Insurance professionals that were targeting mass groups of people, hoping that a few would grab on, are finding that a more personalized approach is yielding greater returns. Curious to find out why insurance professionals must take a personalized approach to marketing and how you can do this for your business? We have you covered. 


Why Insurance Professionals Must Take A Personalized Approach To Marketing

The insurance industry in America employs close to 3 million people. If you want to stand out from competitors, a personalized approach to marketing is 100 percent necessary. 


Personalized Marketing Builds Trust 

Sometimes it’s best to put yourself in the shoes of your customer. If you send a general information flyer or postcard to a lead that has your company information on it and why they need you, there is a chance that it could be well received. 

However, you would have to catch the person at just the right time. In addition, they would have to have some confidence in your ability already. 

If, instead, you send a personalized handwritten yellow letter detailing why your insurance business would specifically be a good choice for their needs, there is a greater chance of growing that trust. 


A Personalized Experience Is Becoming Expected 

The marketing world has changed, and because of that, the customer has adapted. At this point, personalized experiences are expected. People want to feel they are getting a product that is a specific fit for their life. 

Maybe there is an insurance product that could benefit them that they have never heard about. Or can you provide a bundling option for their home and life insurance? The key is to find the areas where you can impact these potential customers and then ensure they know you have considered their unique situation. 


More Bang For Your Buck 

Personalized marketing for insurance professionals can come at a higher cost, but it can also yield better results. When you segment your audience and get them the message they need, the chance of a response is greatly increased. 

Sometimes spending a little more money to get to the right people will be the smarter business decision in the end. 


Stand Out From The Crowd 

Our favorite reason that insurance professionals need to take a personalized approach to marketing is to help stand out from the crowd. 

When a lead or a current customer gets a handwritten note from you regarding a new insurance product or a special that could help them save money or protect their family, it’s simply different than the competitors. 

Your competitors are still sending letters with clear window envelopes that are being tossed into the trash. Customers know this is a sales tactic, and they are ready to move on from it. 

Instead, your customized direct mail drip campaign or handwritten thank you note will be opened because customers are curious. They also feel like you are trying to make a personal connection with them, and this, of course, makes it easier to spend money on your products. 


Final Thoughts 

In the end, your insurance business is your own, and you can choose to communicate and recruit customers in whatever way you feel necessary. However, for most insurance professionals, the goal is to improve interactions with customers and make marketing more effective. Personalized and handwritten yellow letters, note cards, and segmented lists can be a very powerful way to get this done. 

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