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5 Ways To Get More Customers For Your Power Washing Business

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

Power washing businesses are popping up in locations all over the country. As the mobile power washing business expands, competition will only get more fierce. Luckily for you, there are some great ways to grab more customers that you may currently be underutilizing. 


5 Ways To Get More Customers For Your Power Washing Business 

When trying to grow a power washing business, you know many of your clients will be repeat clients. Power washing happens once a year or at least once every other year for most of your regular clients. 

Doing a great job and ensuring their home comes out perfect is a given when it comes to growing your company. However, here are five other ideas to get your business to grow. 


Sell A Package Deal 

Customers love a package deal. As a power washing professional, there are a few ways that you can structure a deal like this. 

For instance, you may decide to give customers a discount if they do a fall and a spring wash. The great news about this deal is that it’s easy for you to discount them because their property won’t be in bad shape if you had just been there 6 months ago. 

Another type of package deal could be to include something like gutter cleaning with power washing. If the customer knows they are getting two for the price of one, they may be more likely to book. 


Grab The Neighbors With Yellow Letters 

Yellow letters are handwritten letters on yellow paper that are sent to the neighbors of your current customers. These letters will look as though you took the time to let these customers know that your services could help them get their property looking even better. 

At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer you this service and can even assemble a list to ensure you are hitting the communities that matter the most to you. 

People love anything handwritten as it feels more personalized. 


Postcards Showcasing The Work 

As a power washing business owner, make sure you are taking before and after pictures of your projects. When you transform a driveway or a roof with the work you did, it could easily get a lead to convert to a customer. 

Showcasing that work on a postcard and then hitting your target market is a great way to bring in a few more customers. 


Referral Program 

The referral program is a strong one for any small service-type business. Referrals can give current customers a percentage discount if they bring their friends and family to your business. 

With the referral program, think about the cost to acquire a new customer and make sure you build this into your program. Treat your customer base as though they are a partner and a friend, and they will bring you more business than you can handle!


Increase Your Selection of Services 

Power washing professionals have a strong opportunity to create other streams of revenue all while at a customer’s home for power washing. Some businesses have started with soft wash services, stain removal, or even window and gutter cleaning. 

Consider the things you could offer while onsite at a customer’s house. Sometimes the additional services do not even require additional equipment or supplies. 


Final Thoughts 

Although these five ideas will help you gain more customers for your power washing business, make sure you adopt best business practices like simple scheduling, creating an online presence, prompt responses to customers’ phone calls, and of course, a detailed and perfect job when you do lock in that new customer. 

More and more businesses and homeowners realize the importance of power washing their properties, now is the time to build your customer base!

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