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A Wholesalers Guide To Creating A Custom Mail Piece

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

Regardless of how large or small your wholesale campaign is, Yellow Letters Complete has several templates that have proven to be successful. And if you have something specific in mind, that’s not a problem either. Our expert team will work with you in creating a custom wholesale mail piece that will fit your next campaign. We will work with custom graphics, custom messages, and whatever else you need us to do, we got you covered.

What if you have no idea what you need or how to get started with your next wholesale campaign? Well, we can help you there too and show you how to get started in designing your custom wholesale mail piece. Just follow this guideline we have put together and you’re sure to have a wholesale mail piece that stands out from the other!

Your Message

The first thing you want your wholesale mail piece to do is to get the recipient’s attention. This means you need an engaging message and it should include these points:

  • Verbiage should be clear, short, and right to the point. A long message is nothing more than clutter that will lose their attention.
  • State the benefits you have to offer them. Your messages should let your potential wholesale clients know how they will benefit by working with you.
  • State your offer, making it clear why you are the one they should call.
  • A call to action may be the single most important thing you need to have listed. Provide your contact information at the beginning, in the middle of, and restate it at the end. It should be easy for your potential whole customer to reach you.

A Layout That’ll Knock It Out Of The Park!

The layout you choose for your wholesale mail campaign should be clear and easily navigated. The following points should be used to create a good structure for your wholesale mail piece:

  • If you want your wholesale mail piece to have a headline, make it a clear and defining headline. A complex, long headline will take away from your distinct main message.
  • Make sure your contact information is clearly visible and include all pertinent information such as your name and a phone number.
  • Your message should be in a structured format in a designated area so that is easily seen and not cluttered with other unnecessary information.

The Importance of The Appearance Of Your Wholesale Campaign Mail Piece

Your wholesale mail piece should be pleasant and have a stand-out, striking appearance that includes supporting graphics that reinforces your clear message without being distractive. Your name, as well as your company’s name and company logo will make your wholesale mail piece look credible and professional.

Color is an eye catcher, so choose colors that match your logo or are seasonal and make sure the ink and envelope match the stationery. Presentation is powerful and you never should underestimate that, because if your wholesale mail piece falls short in even one area, the entire impact you hope to make is lost.

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