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Back to Basics: 3 Reasons Why Yellow Letters Are Effective in Marketing  

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

If you work in real estate, you have probably heard of yellow letters.  This is a marketing technique in which handwritten notes are sent directly to potential sellers.  It’s called a yellow letter because of the legal paper usually used for these letters for marketing.  Here are three reasons why yellow letters are an effective advertising tool.

Yellow Letters Stand Out 

A yellow letter stands out for two reasons.  First of all, people get less physical mail now than they used to. Advertising by email and phone is much more common.  Everyone is used to deleting marketing emails without even opening them, and phone calls are marked as spam and left unanswered.  Sending yellow letters in the mail makes you stand out from the competition that is getting drowned out in customers’ email inboxes.

The second reason yellow letters stand out is their color.  Many letters in marketing look the same.  Think of all the credit card offers you’ve received over the years.  A yellow letter with a colorful envelope pops out amid a sea of white paper.  Handwriting, whether actually handwritten or created by a computer, also makes the letter unique.  Most business marketing envelopes and letters use the same boring fonts.  All of these factors add up to make yellow letters eye-catching and therefore effective.

They Are Personalized 

Unlike an email newsletter or a flyer campaign, yellow letters are all personalized for the individual seller they are targeting.  It is a letter written directly to a specific person for a reason, not the same piece sent to everyone on the block.  Beyond that, yellow letters are generally handwritten or at least typed in a font that mimics handwriting, which contributes to the personalized effect.

When asked, “Which is more effective at getting you to take action?” 30% of millennials said direct mail.

Yellow letters also look more like mail you should open than other letters for marketing.  You can tell when something is going to be an ad.  There’s probably an offer printed right on the envelope, and it might not even be addressed with your name.  For a yellow letter, realtors use envelopes more commonly used for pen pals or birthday cards than advertising.  Addresses are handwritten, and some companies even use seasonal return labels and stamps.  This personalization helps make sure that a potential seller opens the mail and reads what it says rather than throwing it away with the junk and spam.

Connect You with High-Quality Leads 

Not just anyone gets a yellow letter.  They are reserved specifically for people you want to contact for a specific business purpose.  In real estate, this person is usually a potential seller.  By connecting only with clients you really want, yellow letters become that much more effective.  It makes it clear to the customer that they are desired by your company, which encourages them to respond.

Since you did your research in advance, there is less work to do once you get a response from the recipients of your yellow letters.  You already know what you want and can get right to negotiating to make it happen.  Since the client got a normal-looking letter with a local return address, they are likely to open it and call the local phone number.  You’ve already done the work.  Now it’s time to let yellow letters bring home the deals.

Looking for Yellow Letter Services? 

Interested in sending out yellow letters but not sure how you can keep up?  The secret is not doing it on your own.  Yellow Letters Complete can help.  You provide the content, and they send out beautiful yellow letters to all your leads.  Both truly handwritten and true ink robopen options are available.  Contact us or call (888) 294-0780 for more information. 


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