Benefits of Sending a Holiday Themed Wholesale Mail Piece


Whether you want to hit the spring season, mid-way through the year, or end of the year, there is always a chance to send another wholesale mail campaign with a holiday theme. And Yellow Letters Complete has several holiday options to offer you, or we can work with what you have in mind. Either way, we can add a festive flair to your next holiday-themed wholesale mail campaign.

But why bother with a holiday-themed mail piece for your wholesale business? Look at the benefits we have learned boost a wholesale mail campaign’s ROI:

The Festiveness Stands out

With so many colors and styles available with our holiday-themed wholesale mail pieces, you can be certain that yours will get noticed before your competition’s will. Getting mail during any holiday season makes potential lead excited and a brightly colored and festive wholesale mail piece will be well received and more than likely, opened and read. And here at Yellow Letters Complete, we have envelopes and ink to match any holiday, any season. We can even add a holiday-themed picture on each envelope and handwrite the addresses!

The Personalization Stands Out

Like all our direct wholesale mail options we offer, our holiday-themed mail pieces can be personalized for every lead you have. We will personalize your letter with your information, including your name, the property address that you’re offering your services for, and more. Each envelope will be hand addressed, giving you an extra touch that our competitors do not offer.

Customized For You

We will customize each piece of your wholesale mail campaign to meet your needs, preferences and, requests. By having multiple templates available like our holiday cards and stationery letters, we can create a customized template specific to your wholesale campaign, just tell us the theme you want. And if you have an image you’d like added, we’ll follow through for you.