Benefits of Using an Ongoing Multi-Touch Campaign


Want to increase your response rate and save yourself time and effort when it comes to your direct mail campaign? At Yellow Letters Complete, you can set up an ongoing multi-touch campaign to consistently reach new leads on a schedule that works for you!

There are several benefits to using a multi-touch direct mail marketing campaign. While sending out one letter is a good start, sending more than one touch will help increase your response rate. By sending to a mailing list multiple times, you begin to build name recognition and establish credibility. Multi-touch campaigns also give you the freedom to customize your campaign and experiment with a variety of mail pieces.

Now imagine receiving the benefits of a multi-touch campaign without worrying about the set up of each campaign. With an ongoing multi-touch campaign, you set it up once and it runs on autopilot. We can have your letters mailing out on a schedule that works best for you to help your phone keep ringing! If you find yourself too busy closing deals, simply let us know and we can adjust your mailing schedule.

Ready to set up an ongoing multi-touch campaign, but don’t have a mailing list? No problem! We offer several types of mailing lists to help fit your campaign. We can pull a new batch of leads on the schedule of your choice so your ongoing multi-touch campaign consistently reaches new leads. By reaching out several times to motivated leads on autopilot, your response increases while your work decreases. Talk about a win-win!

Given the benefits of a multi-touch and ongoing campaign, why not enjoy the best of both worlds and keep your phone ringing with new leads! To learn more about how you can set up an ongoing multi-touch campaign, give us a call today!