Bring the Spring! – Seasonal Colors for Direct Mail


Spring is here and so is the time for a fresh new look for your direct mail marketing. While a traditional yellow letter is a great way to reach out to your target market, seasonal stationery is a way to mix things up and introduce some color into your direct mail marketing.

Stationery is kind of like decorating, but instead of decorating a room you are decorating your marketing. Stationery in hand addressed envelopes can be mixed and matched to suit your needs and fit the season. Consider yourself your very own marketing designer!

Spring offers some colorful stationery options. Whether you are looking for something simple, something bold, or something in between, we have several stationery templates for you to choose from.

Spring is a time for growth and bright colors. To match your letter, you can also choose from an array of colorful envelopes and stationery envelope options. Here at Yellow Letters Complete, we offer an assortment of colors to pair with that perfect spring stationery. From pastel yellow and peach to fluorescent pink and orange we have your spring hand addressed envelopes covered.

Using spring stationery is not the only way to sprout creativity. Whether you are introducing yourself or sending to the same mailing list for a second round, postcards are another great way to reach out to your potential clients! We also offer some exciting colors for postcards such as fluorescent yellow, pink, orange, bright blue, green, red and purple. Feel like celebrating spring? Try confetti card stock!

Don’t just stop at colorful card stock: Add some graphics to grab your potential clients’ attention! Looking for budding flowers and new leaves on some spring green card stock? We’ve got you covered. Or maybe you’re looking to embrace those April showers with promises of May flowers? Have fun with a blue postcard with some rain boots. Here at Yellow Letters Complete, we have a team eager to help you turn your spring direct mail marketing into a spring masterpiece!