Business networking in 2022 – and other ways to grow your professional services business

Lina VanNatta
Lina VanNatta

If you are running a professional service business, chances are you’re looking for a way to set yourself apart from the crowd. When it’s time to make big marketing decisions, here are a few proven methods to build a presence and make your brand a household name.

Networking Online

Networking isn’t just about speaking face-to-face with potential customers. When you network, you are reaching out into the world and creating lifelong contacts. Once you have a stellar website in place, it’s time to network. You can network on Linkedin by asking contacts to connect you with their colleagues or business partners, or connect with potential customers in Facebook groups. You are in the B2B market, Alignable may be a great place to network. You may be surprised, but Twitter is a great platform to explore if you are trying to build connections. Meetup is a great place to find niche networking events and learning events. There are also dozens of networking websites you can join like Networking for Professionals or Opportunity.

 Networking In-Person

Traditional networking avenues are still a great way to increase awareness of your business. Attend conferences and industry events to engage with other professionals and potential clients. Join your Chamber of Commerce or if you are looking to save money, attend standalone events.  Come prepared with business cards and sales materials, even if you’re not exhibiting. Engage with the local community by participating in events and fundraisers, volunteering your time and services, holding classes, and sponsoring community events.


Connect with Direct Mail

When you are looking to create name recognition and introduce potential customers to your services, consider direct mail. Handwritten letters and pen-written set you apart from the competition and capture recipients’ interest. Hand-addressed envelopes are unique for most people who receive handfuls of unwanted junk mail every week. Your prospects will appreciate the personal touch and will be more likely to pay attention to the content of your mailing.

According to Data & Marketing Association, up to 90% of direct mail gets opened, compared to only 20-30% of emails. 

A handwritten or pen-written letter, whether from a close friend or an unknown business, will give you a high return on your investment.  It’s not often that most of us receive pen-written mail, and the effort of creating a pen-writtennote or letter will make a big impression on the customer. Direct mail will make your professional service business memorable and start more networking conversations.

Other Marketing Options That Can Work for You

Aside from networking and direct mail, there are endless local marketing options available to your business. To get your name out there, try digital and newspaper ads that can reach a larger targeted audience in your zip code or region. Online listings and guest blogging are also worth a try to start networking conversations.

At Yellow Letters Complete, we want to help your business grow! We know the impact that handwritten and pen-written letters can have on customer loyalty, and we can help your business reap the benefits! Our team of writers will personalize greeting cards, postcards, and more for your customers. We can build brand loyalty and free up your time to optimize your business. Visit us online or call (888) 294-0780 to learn more!

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