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Can Handwritten Notes Actually Increase Sales?

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

Have you recently received a handwritten note from a friend or family member? If you answered no, you are not alone. The art of sending and receiving handwritten mail is certainly not what it once was. 

The question remains: Do handwritten notes in a business setting actually increase or improve sales? 

The answer is yes, and we will show you why that is. 


What Are The Benefits of Handwritten Notes In Business? 

A handwritten note can be a way to generate new sales leads, close a sale and to, say thank you, and retain business. Here are the reasons behind why these handwritten notes work to increase the strength of your business. 


Stand Out From Others In The Industry 

Handwritten notes, like the one from Yellow Letters Complete, are unique. Not all of your competitors are doing this. Home services businesses are often filled with busy days, and the thought of fitting in time to write a thank you note is tough. 

If you want to stand out, it’s little things like these that will make all the difference. 

Helps Potential Leads To Trust You 

When using a handwritten not to generate new leads, you will have a good chance of increasing the trust that they have in you. Customers can be pretty leery of business that only want their money. Handwritten notes can prove that you are most interested in them, not just the money. 


Personalizes the Business Transaction 

Business transactions can be cold. By adding in a handwritten, not at some point in the process, you may help your clients feel more comfortable as if the transaction is personalized. 


People Feel They Can Relate To You 

Handwritten notes used in sales help make you more human. With so much of the process of business being automated and turned to machines and computers, the handwritten note still stands out as a way to humanize your brand. 

No matter what the business or the situation, when clients or customers to can relate to you, it’s easier for them to spend money.


Increases the Chance of Referrals

Referrals are some of the cheapest ways to keep your business thriving, but work has to be put in to earn these referrals. Instead of simply expecting referrals, taking the time to use handwritten notes with your customers will help them confidently recommend you. 

Almost every single industry has stiff competition, and people need a specific reason to recommend you over a competitor. 

Make sure you are giving them what they need. 


It will Make A Customer Think Twice About Leaving 

If you have worked hard through the years to develop the trust of a customer and to ensure that they feel supported and taken care of, then it’s much harder for them to leave. Sometimes that handwritten note explaining your interest in their lives will help them stay with you even when a competitor beats you on price.


Final Thoughts 

The emotional connection you make with your customers using handwritten notes is a great way to increase sales. Think about using these notes to generate new leads and also to thank people for their business. The fact that you are taking the extra time helps a person to feel valued and appreciated, and this will make all the difference in customer retention. Yellow Letters Complete is happy to help with any of your direct mail needs, including handwritten notes.

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