Choosing A Mail Piece – How to Compliment Your Mailing List

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

Once you have established a high quality mailing list, it is time to pick your mail piece. When choosing a mail piece, consider what will be an effective pairing for your mailing list. While flashy colors or graphics may add an element of fun to an informal campaign, it may not be an appropriate choice for campaigns with more serious subject matters.

Read below for an overview on choosing a mail piece that compliments your mailing list.

Absentee Owned: Absentee owned property leads offer a lot of freedom and creativity when it comes to your mail piece. Yellow letters work well for this list since they offer a flexible, personal platform for your message. If you are looking for a more formal appearance, try sending your message on color letterhead. Send your letter in a seasonally colored envelope for a festive touch.

Owner Occupied: Owner occupied property leads also offer mail piece flexibility. Since this is their primary address, it can take time to decide on selling, so consider the sequence of your mail pieces carefully. Often, it is beneficial to send letters for your first few touches so your potential clients can learn more about you and what you do. Postcards are a bright and colorful way to keep your name in front of your clients. Mix and match your mail pieces to give your message a fresh appearance.

Probate: With a probate list, the person receiving your mail will often be experiencing a difficult situation. Using a formal mail piece, such as a typed letter with a wet ink signature, is appropriate for this type of campaign. For a warmer approach, consider sending a greeting card with your condolences.

Distressed Property List: Most mail pieces can be used effectively with a distressed property lead. To establish credibility, use a formal mail piece such as a letterhead letter or digital signature letter. If you prefer a less formal approach, a yellow letter can also be effective. With any distressed property lead, make sure to use a soft message in your letter to encourage response.

Client List: If you are looking to thank your clients for their business, let them know you appreciate them by sending a greeting card. Greeting cards are personal and can help maintain customer loyalty.

With any mailing list, sending a multiple touch campaign can improve your response. If you have reached out to the same list more than once, they will be more likely to contact you. Our yellow letters, typed letters, and postcards are great to mix and match in your campaign.

For more information on choosing a mail piece to pair with your mailing list, contact us today.

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