Color Choice and Direct Mail


When it comes to direct mail marketing, your color choice is important. The color of your mail piece is the first thing your leads will see. While the main goal is to encourage your leads to read your message and give you a call, color can help influence their response. So what do you want to convey to your leads? Beyond the written message, this includes the subtle cues you give your clients with your color choice.

Each color evokes different feelings. Red is a color of power, but also a color of passion. Yellow expresses happiness. Purple conveys wisdom and luxury whereas pink expresses love. Black is a sleek color commonly associated with mystery and elegance. White, on the other hand, is a pure color that represents light and innocence. Understanding color associations will help make your color choice easier.

Have you ever noticed that environmentally friendly products/organizations tend to have green logos? The Rainforest Alliance is a great example! Green is a calming color commonly associated with nature. When we see a green logo, our brain associates that logo with tranquility and growth.

Just like the Rainforest Alliance, other companies choose colors to help represent their brand or product. Consider the colors you encounter every day. What color are the signs of the stores you go to? What catches your eye when you are shopping or looking for a place to eat? Companies carefully choose each color to help guide a reaction from you. Companies don’t choose their colors by accident and you shouldn’t either.

Choosing your colors intentionally can help your campaign stand out. By sending a personalized mail piece in a strategically chosen color, you can draw your clients’ attention. Since the color choice can influence feelings, this can help your message get read and your phone start ringing!