Direct Mail Marketing 101 – Choosing Your Direct Mail Campaign

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

Now that you’ve had an introduction on the basics of direct mail marketing, you may be wondering what your next step is. At Yellow Letters Complete, we make it simple to start an order by providing templates for practically any campaign type. We can even pull a mailing list for you. Talk about easy! But how do you know which direct mail campaign to use?

We offer several types of campaigns to fit any area and any comfort level. We can send your marketing materials as often or as sparsely as you decide. Below are some common direct mail campaign options to help you get started:

Single Touch Campaign: Whether you are new to direct mail marketing or you are simply looking to test a new area, sending a single touch campaign is a great place to start. With a single touch campaign, we will send your mail piece to your mailing list one time. Sending letters works best for single touch campaigns. We offer yellow letters, typed letters, and stationery letters that all work well as the mail piece.

Single touch campaigns offer flexibility so you can adjust your message, mail piece, filter options, and more between each campaign. This campaign type also allows you to test and see what response volume you can handle.

Ongoing Campaign: After you have found an effective combination of your message, mail piece, and mailing list filters, starting an ongoing campaign may be your next move. Once we set up your ongoing campaign, it will run on autopilot. Simply send over the mailing list you would like to use and we can split the list up into batches, or have us pull a new mailing list with each batch we send on the schedule you decide.

Ongoing campaigns take away the stress of having to set up several separate campaigns. Also, because they run automatically on the schedule of your choice, you will be able to predict your response/profit. An ongoing campaign is the perfect choice for organizing your direct mail marketing plan and sticking to it. They also help you plan your budget. Concerned about getting caught up in contracts? Don’t worry! You can pause your ongoing campaign at any time for free!

Multi-Touch Campaign: Sending to a single mailing list more than one time can vastly improve your response rate. Multi-touch campaigns are designed to have each touch planned and ready to go on the schedule of your choice. A multi-touch campaign can also help you establish trust with your target audience. Also, since we prepare all of your mail pieces at one time, you can enjoy a discount for bundling your mail pieces. Worried about name removals? No problem! We can remove names from your subsequent touches.

With a multi-touch campaign, you can mix and match your mail pieces to keep the appearance of your message fresh. Letters are great to use as an introduction and explanation of your services. Postcards are a great way to keep your name in front of your leads with a pop of color!  Multi-touch campaigns allow you to design a custom campaign the way YOU want.

Ongoing Multi-Touch Campaign: The perfect collaboration, an ongoing multi-touch campaign allows you to send a sequence of mailings to a new mailing list automatically on your schedule! That’s right! Once you set it up, you are worry free. Your mail pieces will be sent automatically, and since we will send more than one touch, you are able to build credibility with your leads. That’s a win-win!

While an ongoing multi-touch campaign may seem like an overwhelming option, it is actually pretty simple. Since we mail your letters on the schedule of your choice, you can plan for your phone calls. We can even provide the mailing list for you, so you never have to think about anything besides closing those deals!

Download our Direct Mail Campaign Evaluation Tool below to quickly reference information about each direct mail campaign. For more information about which direct mail campaign is right for YOU, call us today at 1-888-294-0780 or email us at

Yellow Letters Complete – Direct Mail Campaign Evaluation Tool

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