Direct Mail Marketing Campaign: Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

We’ve all heard it before…making resolutions is easy, keeping them is hard. This year, resolve to use Yellow Letters Complete to start a direct mail marketing campaign and make keeping your resolution to grow your business EASY!

We work with folks just like you who are looking to reach out to their target audience. We help connect our clients with motivated sellers every day! So ease your mind and start your direct mail marketing campaign with one simple phone call!

We will work with you to find a mailing list that meets your needs. We can even add mailing list filters to help reach your ideal audience.

You then decide which mail pieces you would like to send. You can customize your marketing and can choose from a variety of mail pieces to fit your campaign. We offer yellow letters, typed letters, stationery letters, greeting cards, postcards, and can even work with you to create a custom mail piece! Each personalized mail piece uses language that your leads can easily understand. This helps motivate response.

Our letters get opened because we put them in truly hand addressed envelopes. That’s right, each and every envelope is hand addressed by a real person! Once the recipient opens and reads your letter, it’s up to them to make the next move, so make sure to include a compelling call to action. You can also send multiple mailings, or “touches”, to the same list to help improve your results. Choosing to send multiple touch campaigns can help keep your name in front of your clients, establish trust, and increase your response. You can even send each touch in a different color envelope, or on a different color postcard, to keep the appearance of your message fresh.

Take the uncertainty out of your New Year’s Resolutions and start your direct mail marketing campaign with Yellow Letters Complete! For more information on choosing a campaign that works for YOU, contact us today at or 1-888-294-0780.

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