Hand Addressed Envelopes vs Fonts


We’ve sent out millions of pieces of mail over the last few years and we’ve noticed a lot of little things that can be done to improve response rates. Add up all of those little things and they turn into a big thing, which is a higher response rate on direct mail marketing. Over our next few posts we’ll share some of what we’ve learned.

One of the biggest factors that can help improve the response rate on yellow letters and typed letters is using a hand addressed envelope. That means using an envelope that is addressed by hand, by a real person, not with a font. Using a font may save a few cents on the front end, but the cost savings is lost when factoring in the diminished response rate resulting from using a font rather than a truly hand addressed envelope.

Think about the purpose of your marketing. Is it to find the cheapest possible mail piece, or the most cost effective mail piece? If you said the former, postcards may be a good fit for your marketing campaign. If cost effectiveness is more important, then a hand addressed envelope will typically yield stronger results.