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Does Your Direct Mailer Bring Amazon Size Smiles to Recipients?

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

If you’ve ever shopped online, you’ve probably have shopped Amazon Prime. They are the royalty of online shopping, all online stores hail to Amazon! Every day people hurry home from work to see what Amazon boxes are waiting for them. There is something about those brown boxes with blue packing tape screaming that says “Amazon Prime” all across it. Wouldn’t you like to know your handwritten direct mail letter was greeted in the same manner?

Out of all the mail that arrives in the mailboxes across the country every day, would you like your handwritten direct mail piece to be the first thing people notice? Maybe even before they noticed their Amazon Prime box! So, what does Amazon do that you aren’t doing, besides shipping something that was ordered and expected? You’re ready to take unwanted real estate off their hands. Surely that is something to many people eager to see what you offer.

Why Is That?

Amazon Prime leaves an impression, something that people remember besides what was in the box they received. Does your direct mailer do that? When people get your handwritten letter out of their mailboxes, does it tell them you have an offer they can’t refuse for their piece of real estate?

Everyone that has shopped Amazon Prime enjoys the convenience love the fast shipping. It takes the hassle of shopping store to store to find that just right gift. The hassle of going from store to store, fighting the crowds, and finding a parking space. Not only are people getting something they want, but they are getting rid of things they despise. Does your handwritten direct mail piece do that for them?

According to Marketing Profs, direct mail has a 29% ROI, while social media and online display have 30% and 16%, respectively. 

Can You Put This Strategy To Work For Your Business?

Yes, you can create a handwritten direct mail piece that will get the attention of those with probate property or a pre-foreclosure homeowner. Maybe you’ve been sending out 10,000 digital messages, but it is it grabbing attention? Or does it end up in SPAM or deleted? How many digital messages do you get yourself? Do you read every one of them? Of course not. Who has time?!

Your digital marketing efforts, albeit creative and timely, is deleted without even a quick glance. However, a handwritten addressed bright colored envelope is something that makes people want to open it. It feels personal from a person who is truly interested in us as a person. There is something tangible in this envelope.

Be Consistent, Be Empathetic, Be Personal

A hand-addressed letter on designer stationery to prospective clients will intrigue and be unforgettable. Your brand, your name, and your offer to help will be something that came at just the right time.

If you aren’t good at handwriting a short letter about your real estate expertise, Yellow Letters Complete can do it for you. We will even create a schedule to send follow-up letters consistently for you. Our help will keep your name in front of your prospects do when they are ready to sell that unwanted inherited property, or need help get through their own foreclosure.

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