Environmentally Friendly Paper


Is keeping our earth clean and protected important to you? At Yellow Letters Complete, we share these values.  As a direct mail marketing company, we use a lot of paper, and we know that can have an impact on the environment. To keep our footprint small, we use environmentally friendly paper products and recycle all paper waste.

Since we only get one environment, it is important to treat it well. When setting up your campaign, we can ensure that the products you order are safely manufactured, high in quality, and healthy to our environment. We source our paper products from a company that shares our desire to protect the environment. Quality monitoring ensures that our paper products meet high standards. Even the fiber in the paper is sourced from well-managed, independently certified forests.

Our paper supplier works with many organizations such as the Rainforest Alliance, the World Wildlife Fund, and the Forest Stewardship Council™(FSC). These three widely known pro-environment organizations hold high standards when it comes to certification. For example, a company must source materials from responsibly managed forests to receive recognition from the FSC.

By choosing to use sustainably sourced paper products, your direct mail campaign will stand out…in a good way! We offer our environmentally friendly paper products in several colors. Try sending different products to see what works best for your target audience. The best part? You will be supporting the environment!

Our paper products help aid in keeping our earth clean. Have the best of both worlds by sending high quality paper created by responsibly managed forests. Definitely something to write home about…especially if it’s on environmentally friendly paper!