Episode 4 The Cheapskate Way To Get Calls Answered


Are you struggling with your bank account, but still determined to get started in the real estate business?  I totally understand where you’re coming from!  It’s not easy trying to juggle around all of the expenses that are associated with starting in the real estate business.  After all, you have education and training, travel, hotels, business cards, websites, marketing campaigns, and now answering services.  Gheez….You’d think this is a real business or something. (Who’da thunk it?)

Well, this one is for the aspiring young investors out there who need an inexpensive way to get their calls from sellers answered.  Good luck!!!!

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Sample Craigslist Ad:

I need someone to answer and pre-screen my calls. These calls are coming in as a result of direct marketing efforts to owners of real estate that are in unique situations (foreclosure,divorce, bankruptcy, probate, etc).

Your job will be to answer the call, and ask them a series of questions that will be provided to you by me.  I will pay you $1.00 per call for each pre-screening form that you turn in to me (that is completed) , and $.50 for each call /message that is turned in (or partially complete).

This can be done from your home, but I do need someone who can take calls on the “fly” – and maintain a professional sound to the caller (no TV, dogs, or other noises in the background).  I will forward my own number to you so that you can take the calls.  I will pay you once per week on Fridays – either via PayPal or check (your choice).

Reply to my ad if interested. I will call you to do a a phone interview and a “test run”.