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Handwritten Mail for Financial Services

Effective marketing can transform your business. Let us show you what our proven handwritten direct mail can do.

Financial advisors, debt consolidation, structured settlements, insurance and many more financial services companies have a lot to gain from handwritten direct mail. By utilizing our True Ink letters and envelopes, your mail will get noticed the moment your prospects pick it up. As they consider your offer, they will remember the personal touch from your company. Your potential clients are likely to appreciate that extra care you showed as they choose a company to deal with such important matters.

We want your direct mail programs to deliver a higher response rate and stronger ROI than any other method you have tried. We have years of experience in this space and offer a proven, hassle free approach that strives to make your life just a bit easier. Yellow Letters Complete offers unique addons such as Post-it notes that contribute an even greater level of personalization. The quality and professionalism of the pieces you send out are a direct reflection on your brand and we want to make sure they are at the highest level of quality possible.

Our DIY Option Offers Something for Everyone

Handwritten Mail Helps Financial Services Companies Generate More Business

Direct mail is a valuable for all financial services companies to reach more businesses and individuals. The existing mass market direct-mailers that most financial services firms use get more attention from the trash than from your audience. That plain white window envelope with a plastic card inside is a well understood tactic. Yellow Letters Complete wants to battle the disconnection of boring traditional mail to deliver clear ROI on your next marketing campaign.

True Ink Memo: Yellow Letters Complete understands the power of short and simple, but highly personal marketing materials. The True Ink Memo is the next generation of personalization from the yellow letter. Printing in handwritten fonts is not fooling your audience, but a fully-penned note in True Ink will win them over. We write your personalized message on high quality linen paper for a premium look and tactile feel that engages your audience in multiple ways.

True Ink Greeting Card: Strengthen your client relationships by sending holiday and birthday cards out monthly to show your appreciation for their relationship. A fully pen-written card is the perfect way to show your client how much you value their continued business. We make that process easy for you scheduling your mail ahead of time, so it reaches your prospect at the right moment.

Signature Letter with True Ink Envelope: Send your information in our True Ink Envelopes to ensure your message is opened. Include a Post-it note with your call to action to emphatically show them how to respond to you. Finally, sign the letter in real pen to for the finishing authentic touch. Those finishing touches written in real pen ink help to warm up your prospects and give them something memorable and personal to associate with your business. Use one of our proven templates or work with our team to prepare a custom masterpiece for your prospects.

True Ink Postcards: Marketers love postcards because they bring your message directly to your audience with an eye-catching design and no envelope to open. Now you can bring those postcards to life with a True Ink Message written for each prospect. We’ll also address the postcard in the same style writing so they feel like you wrote them one-on-one.

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How Yellow Letters Complete Can Help

Financial Advisors

Handwritten direct mail can help financial advisors reach more potential clients by creating a stronger connection upfront before they even pick up the phone. Show them that you value their unique needs by sending a pen-signed letter or card.

Structured Settlements

A True Ink Greeting Card can establish a connection with potential sellers, increase their trust, and create a sense of exclusivity. Trust and understanding the seller’s situation is critical to maximizing your ROI, and that is exactly where handwritten mail excels.


Insurance can be a fantastic store of value for your clients portfolio. It can also be a challenging subject to breach with a cold prospect. We have seen how well a handwritten note can warm up your leads to discuss tough topics like life insurance.

Business Credit

Break through the clutter of fake credit cards with a handwritten Post-it note on a signed letter from their dedicated loan officer. Your letter should be as unique as their individual business credit needs.

Debt Consolidation

Include a handwritten note on your next debt consolidation offer to show the human behind the letter. Your prospects want to know they are working with a transparent and honest company, and our human based approach to direct marketing will set your phone ringing.

Credit Cards

Before you send the same plastic card in a plain white envelope, consider how it would feel to receive a handwritten True Ink envelope instead. Marketing doesn’t need to be sneaky to get read. Make it personal and effective to improve your ROI.

Why Choose Yellow Letters Complete?

At Yellow Letters Complete, we provide predictable, sustainable lead flow through a level of service and performance you’ve never experienced before. Our high quality direct mail solution is highly effective for for businesses seeking to deliver quality direct mail to achieve specific marketing objectives.

We listen. Our clients deal with an actual person who seeks to understand their marketing objective and challenges. Your direct mail campaign is a custom solution tailored directly for your prospects. We provide council and feedback to assist our customers from making costly mistakes with their direct mail program. Our team strives to handle each interaction with our clients with the same warmth and high touch customer service we ourselves would want.

We believe all clients deserve to be confident in their marketing partners and outcomes. We seek to inspire confidence through every touchpoint. Our clients’ success is how we define our success. We know the frustration of investing in a
marketing program that doesn’t work and we work diligently to avoid wasted dollars and missed opportunities. We do what we say we are going to do and we speak the truth. Our credibility is a cornerstone of our brand and our ability to represent our clients’ businesses with vigorous authenticity.

We strive for the recipients of our direct mail to feel valued. We believe our clients’ brands should have a “wow factor”. We use the latest technologies and a structured process to deliver this reaction. It makes our clients shine.

And that makes us smile.

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