Get More From Your Wholesaling Multi-Touch Campaign


When it comes to multi-touch campaigns for wholesaling real estate, nobody has as many different types of campaigns as we do here at Yellow Letters Complete. It isn’t any secret that response rates of a single wholesale mailing list are improved with multi-touch campaigns. It’s all about keeping your name and contact information in front of your wholesale leads constantly and building credibility and trust with those prospects.

But what is the best way to create a multi-touch wholesaling campaign that suits your target audience the best? Yellow Letters Complete has found that every multi-touch campaign should be optimized to get the best results, and we have outlined some tips for you:

Mix Up Your Wholesale Campaign Mail Pieces

Any multi-touch campaign, especially for wholesaling real estate, should use several types of mail pieces. This keeps a fresh look that will not only be more likely to be opened by your leads but read too. Mix up the traditional yellow letters with typed letters on stationery, send greeting cards, and postcards.

Or maybe you like a type of mail piece you’ve created and feel it says all it needs to say. Set up a wholesale multi-campaign with that mail piece on different colors of stock. Yellow Letter Complete offers a variety of stock colors, ink colors, and sizes too, all of which can make your mail piece stand out. By adding some graphics or your company logo on a piece ever-so-often, you’ll be giving it a personal touch.

A Consistent Message Is a Must For Optimizing Your Wholesaling Mail Campaign

A different look with each mail piece to give each is always a great idea, but you want your message to be consistent with each mailing. Change the wording a bit, but the message should overall be the same, providing the same information, including your contact information should never deviate.

With each consecutive mailing in your wholesale mail campaign, refer back to the last piece you mailed as reminder to your lead. Wording such as “Hello again, I’m reaching out to you again,” or “Hey, I’m surprised that I haven’t heard from you yet regarding …..”. And with your final mailing, add a urgent tone with something in the nature of “This is my final attempt ….”.

Selecting an Appropriate Schedule Is as Important For Your Wholesaling Mail Campaign

Your multi-touch campaign should be set up to mail the next one automatically, following a schedule you have decided. Depending on your lead list, the Notice of Default leads, you want them to get your mail piece in plenty of time. You should be sent a wholesale mail piece every two week for the first month and then ramped up to weekly. For your lead lists that needs more patience, like probate properties, every 6 weeks is frequent enough to be consistent and respectful.

For those wholesale leads that you aren’t sure about, the safe time is every four weeks, aiming for “pain point”, such as an absentee owner or the person that may be tired of collecting rent, paying utilities, taxes, etc. That “pain point” would be the first of the month to hit them at the most optimized timing.