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Growing Your Mortgage Business: How Direct Mail Can Find You More Clients

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

A mortgage business is not much different than a real estate business when it comes to building up clients and growing your business. One of the most common methods realtors use to grow their customer base is direct mail. At Yellow Letter Marketing, we have noticed that many mortgage brokers are underutilizing the power of direct mail. If you are curious whether this could be a solution for your business, take a look at a few different ways you can approach direct mail marketing. 


What Is The Purpose of Direct Mail For Mortgage Brokers? 


The main motivation behind using direct mail is to help grow the size of your business by increasing your customer base. However, direct mail can help you grab new leads and retain your current customers. 

Let’s face it, most homeowners need a mortgage, and before they can even start looking at a house, they need to see what they qualify for. Staying in front of these people, especially those that have just made a bunch of money in their homes and may be ready to sell, is a very smart business concept. 


How Direct Mail Can Find You More Clients 

A few of the key ways in which direct mail can help you find more clients is by using personalization, creating unique products like a yellow letter campaign, and using a direct mail drip campaign to stay in front of the customer with a few different approaches. 

Want to know the best thing about direct mail as opposed to other marketing techniques? 

It’s measurable. As a business owner, you know how powerful this is. 


Yellow Letter 

The yellow letter is handwritten on a piece of yellow legal paper and addressed to the homeowner. The letter’s contents can be customized to match the style and tone of your business. 

There are a few things that help yellow letters stand out. 

The first is that they are handwritten. Potential customers see a lot of print, and when something is handwritten, it stands out as though it needs to be read. 

In addition, the front of the envelope will also have a handwritten address. Again, this will be opened as it seems more personable than a clear window envelope that could look like another invoice! 


Yellow letters can be handwritten by an actual writer or with a printed font that looks like writing. 

Direct Mail Drip Campaign 

The direct mail drip campaign gives readers a mix of yellow letters, signature letters, and even postcards. The combination of materials sent as part of a direct mail drip campaign will get your mortgage business in front of the customer several times. 

People are busy and often miss the first piece of mail you send. If you use a targeted list and continually work on appealing to the same people, your chance of success is considerably higher. 



One of the most powerful ways to find more clients is to personalize everything you send. When you get mail that says “Current Owner” or has nothing to do with your current situation or shopping plans, isn’t it just frustrating? 

Well-targeted lists create great leads, and those leads expect some personalization. When you work with a lead on a more personalized level by including some handwritten notes or even a post-it note attached to your letter, the chance of a response is higher. 

A real estate transaction (that involves a mortgage) is a big decision for a homeowner. Personalization gives potential customers the trust they need in you as a mortgage broker. 

We know you are trying to grow your business, and they know that too, but make sure they also know that you care. 


Final Thoughts 

Direct mail is an incredible way to grow your business. Be sure to take the time to work with a company that specializes in real estate and mortgage transactions to ensure your letters are opened. At Yellow Letters Complete, we can help with the entire process and ensure you are always reassured about where your next client will come from. 


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