Hand Addressed Envelope Marketing Options

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer hand addressed envelope options to fit practically any type of campaign. Each envelope is hand addressed by a real person, so your envelope will be opened and your message will be read. Here are several options for hand addressed envelopes to fit virtually any hand addressed direct mail marketing campaign:

Invitation Style Envelopes: These small, invitation style hand addressed envelopes generate the highest response rates. Invitation style envelopes are available in a wide variety of colors, so you can match your hand addressed envelope to the season. They also have the most personal appearance. Because they look as though they contain a card or invitation, they are opened and the message inside is read. These envelopes are appropriate to use for nearly all campaign types and can accommodate most mail pieces. These are the most popular envelopes with our hand addressed yellow letters.


#10 Style Envelopes: These hand addressed envelopes have a more traditional appearance and work well for direct mail marketing campaigns with a more formal message. Since each envelope is hand addressed by a person, they are more likely to be opened than a common business mailer. They are also available in several colors to help them stand out even more. The #10 hand addressed envelope is larger than the invitation style envelope, so it can accommodate larger mail pieces or bulkier inserts. These envelopes work well with our letterhead and digital signature letters.


Urgent Envelopes: Just as the name suggests, this hand addressed envelope creates a sense of urgency. These envelopes are best for campaigns with time-sensitive mail pieces. The envelope is bold, bright, and easily noticed. Our Urgent Envelopes stand out even more, and these envelopes must be mailed with First Class postage.


Font Envelopes: Our font envelopes are the only envelopes that use a handwritten font instead of being physically hand addressed by a real person. However, the font is created using our proprietary variable font software, which adds variability to the characters. That means each character is unique (so the first letter ‘t’ looks different from the second letter ‘t’, and the third, and so forth. Notice how each letter ‘O’ in the word ‘Ironwood’ is different on the picture below?). We can print our handwritten font on both Invitation Style and #10 Style envelopes, so you can pick the best size to fit your campaign.


Read more about how the color of your envelope can strengthen your campaign here or contact us today to learn more about our envelope options.

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