Hand Addressed Envelopes – Why They Work

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

In today’s fast paced world, the biggest challenge advertisers face is that their marketing simply doesn’t get noticed, opened, or read. Each piece of direct mail marketing has to compete with several other mail pieces, so it can be difficult to stand out. At Yellow Letters Complete, we understand this unique challenge, so we have found a way to get your direct mail marketing opened!

So what makes Yellow Letters Complete different? We mail your letters in truly hand addressed envelopes. That’s right, addressed by a REAL person! Think about the last time you sorted through your mail. Your eyes quickly scanned each piece to identify the bills and junk mail. From there, you sort or discard. You open the bill, and toss the junk mail. But wait! There’s one envelope that has been hand addressed with your name and address. It looks like it could be an invitation or maybe even a birthday card. Whatever it is, it piques your interest, so you open the envelope.

By sending your letter in a hand addressed envelope, your mail piece will stand out and intrigue your target audience. Hand addressed envelopes increase your open rate and, ultimately, your response rate.

To make things even easier, our pricing is all inclusive and straightforward.

This is what your order includes:

  • A personalized mail piece including the name and property address of each lead.
  • Truly hand addressed invitation style envelopes with your choice of red, blue, or black ink. We also offer a variety of envelope color options to match your campaign or the season!
  • Your choice of Standard or First Class Postage
  • And we can take care of the mailing for you!

At Yellow Letters Complete, we provide a variety of unique and custom mail piece options to ensure that when your leads open your hand addressed envelope, they read your mail piece. Whether you’re looking to send yellow letters, typed letters, stationery letters, or greeting cards, we can help you personalize your campaign and start getting results with truly hand addressed envelopes! Call us today at 888-294-0780 to start your campaign!

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