Hand Addressed Yellow Letter vs Premium Yellow Letters


At Yellow Letters Complete, we are famous for our yellow letters, but did you know there are actually two different options when it comes to our yellow letters? We have a Premium Yellow Letter and a Hand Addressed Yellow Letter. Here are a few differences between the two:

Hand Addressed Yellow Letter
  • Standard Postage (or add First Class Postage)
  • Hand Addressed Envelopes
  • Return Address Label
  • We print the letters by using our proprietary variable font software. This variable handwritten font makes each character look slightly different, so it still looks authentically handwritten.
  •  We personalize the letters with a mail merge.
Premium Yellow Letter
  • First Class Postage
  • Hand Addressed Envelopes
  • Handwritten Return Address
  • Letters are written by hand, then duplicated to ensure accuracy.
  • Personalization is done by hand by the same person who wrote the letter.

Both yellow letters include the following:

  • Your letter verbiage customized to your needs, or your choice of one of our templates.
  • Your contact information on the letter so your leads can contact you directly
  • Hand addressed invitation envelopes for optimal results (Written by hand)
  • Your choice of red, blue or black ink

For most campaigns, the Hand Addressed Yellow Letter works best. These orders have fast turn around times, often mailing within a few days of your order! This cost effective option maintains a personal appearance by using our proprietary variable font (which we created by loading real, variable handwriting onto each page). Whether you are a direct mail marketing novice or a seasoned veteran, our Hand Addressed Yellow Letters can be a great option for your campaign!

Premium Yellow Letters are suitable for campaigns that do not have urgent timelines, as the turn around time is longer than a Hand Addressed Yellow Letter. However, the personal touches of a Premium Yellow Letter can give your campaign a competitive edge. Taking a look at your target market, and your budget, will help you decide between these two great yellow letters.

Watch the video below to learn more!