Handwritten Envelopes vs Font Envelopes


At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer both handwritten envelopes and font envelopes. Each envelope style offers unique benefits and can help your direct mail marketing campaign get results. So which is the best choice for your campaign? Continue below to find out!

Handwritten Envelopes

Our handwritten envelopes are all individually addressed by hand. No robots, no fonts.  Our team of writers actually hand address each and every envelope!


  • The envelopes are each addressed by hand, so the open rate is higher than any other mail piece
  • Writers can adjust and accommodate special instructions
  • Available in red, black, and blue ink. Can also use special colors if requested.


  • Per unit price is more expensive than other envelope options
Font Envelopes

Our font envelopes are a budget friendly alternative to our handwritten envelopes. We created the font used on our font envelopes by loading real handwriting into our proprietary font software. This gives variability to the letters, making the envelope appear handwritten.


  • The per unit price is less expensive than the truly handwritten envelopes
  • The font on the envelope will match the yellow letter inside


  • While font envelopes can still get results, nothing can compare to the unmistakable authenticity of real handwriting, so the open rate is lower than handwritten envelopes

Both handwritten and font envelopes can help your direct mail campaign stand out and increase your response rate. Both are available for invitation style envelopes and #10 business style envelopes, so you can choose the right fit for your campaign. For information about our envelopes and which style you should choose, contact us today!