Holiday Wish List – Direct Mail Holiday Products


It’s that time of year again! Festive music and decorations are all around. However, the holiday season also means everyone is making lists. To-do lists, grocery lists, and gift lists can all put a strain on you during this joyful time. Thankfully, at Yellow Letters Complete, you don’t need to write a letter to Santa to get the direct mail holiday products you want. We offer several holiday options to help your mail pieces stay festive and stand out!

Holiday Envelopes

We offer several envelope color options to help match your campaign. Available in both #10 and invitation styles, these festive-colored envelopes are perfect for the season.

Want your envelopes to bring even more holiday joy? We can add artwork to your envelope to help it stand out and get opened.

Holiday Postage

At Yellow Letters Complete, you can choose between Standard and First Class postage. Both postage types are available in holiday styles! Our Standard Snowflake stamps belong in a “Winter Wonderland.” We also offer holiday styles for First Class postage to help your envelopes stand out even more!

Stationery Letters

Our stationery letters are available in several seasonal templates. Bright and colorful, these letters are great for adding some holiday spirit to your message. We can also create custom stationery to fit your campaign.

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a classic approach for the holiday season. Everyone loves to receive a card around the holidays, so sending your message in a festive greeting card can help your message get read! As an added bonus, many people tend to keep greeting cards on display during the holidays. This means you have a better chance of *literally* keeping your name and message in front of your leads!


Perfect for a follow-up touch, we can add artwork to your postcards to give them some holiday flair. Available in several colors including red, green, and festive confetti, your postcards are sure to stand out during the season.

Classic Yellow Letters and Typed Letters

It’s easy to add some festive spirit to our classic mail pieces. We can add pictures or graphics to your letter to help match the season. You can also customize your verbiage to fit the holidays!

Whichever way you celebrate the holiday season, you can find a festive mail piece to match your campaign. Contact us today for more information on our direct mail holiday products!