How to Find Motivated Sellers – Consistency is Key

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

Generating and maintaining new leads is an integral part of growing your business. Luckily, with a high quality mailing list, it is easy to find motivated sellers! By using a credible mailing list and pairing it with an effective mail piece, you can make the most of your direct mail marketing campaign by reaching new leads.

Read below for some helpful strategies on how to consistently find motivated sellers.

Plan your mailing schedule:

Marketing via direct mail allows you to reach a broad variety of prospective clients, so take advantage of it! Take some time to create a marketing plan and select your timeline. Mailing out your campaigns consistently is the easiest way to regulate your calls. Make sure to space your mailings so that you are not overwhelmed by calls. However, you also want to send your campaigns out frequently enough so that you do not experience dry spells in client response. This may take some adjusting and adapting, but it will be worth it in the end.

Get to know your target audience:

Since there are several types of mailing lists available, you have many options for obtaining new leads. Know who you want to reach. If a specific age group or owners of a certain property type react well to your message, make sure to include these filters on your mailing list. By choosing filters to narrow your audience, you can market to the leads that are more likely to respond.

The quality of your lead matters. Ask your list provider if they suppress their data so you don’t send your campaign to an exhausted mailing list.

Encourage Referrals:

Using a referral system can help to boost your reputation and gain new leads. Encourage your reader to spread the word. Although they may not be ready to sell, it’s possible they know someone in the area that is.

Consider sending a thank you card to previous clients to express your appreciation and possibly even generate referrals.


Just because a lead does not respond immediately does not mean that they are not interested. Try sending a multi-touch campaign to keep your name on the minds of your target audience. By sending multiple mail pieces with a consistent message, you can establish credibility and trust with your leads. When they are ready to sell, your name will be the one they think of.

Check out some of our mailing list options to help you get started on your next direct mail campaign. For more information on how you can find motivated sellers, contact us today.

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