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How To Get Video Testimonials

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

One of the most important things that you can use to present yourself to a seller (or buyer) of real estate is credibility. You can talk all you want about how smart, proficient, professional, and helpful you are, but the person you’re talking to may still be reluctant to do business with you.

That is why I want you to start getting testimonials from your clients and start using them in your presentations! There is nothing quite as powerful as the spoken testimonial from someone who has used your services and is pleased. When they are willing to write a testimonial on paper and allow you to share it with your potential clients, that is a powerful recommendation.

Even better than written testimonials are video testimonials. These days, everyone should have a website (or at least a laptop computer). You can easily capture testimonials on video and post them right to your website – or you can keep them on your hard drive and play them for your potential clients during your presentation. This technique will close some deals for you without you having to say another single word.

Here’s what I do: Just as soon as I’ve agreed to terms with the seller or buyer, and the contract has been signed, I pull out my checklist to make sure that everything has been completed. Contract, signatures, email addresses collected, all of that technical stuff. Then I ask the seller, “Have you been happy with the service that I’ve provided”? They have 100% always said “Yes, of course!” I then say “Well, then you wouldn’t mind giving me about 15 or 20 seconds of video that I can use on my website, would you?”

I carry The Flip Video in my bag with me at all times when I’m on an appointment. Then I pull it out and tell them “When the red light comes on, just tell me your name, and how I was able to help you in this transaction”. Then I hold the camera up and hit the Record button.

I have never had anyone tell me “No” to this. Sometimes they are a little nervous because it’s the “camera in their face” syndrome, but with a little help from me about what to say, they get through it with no problem. And then BAM! I’ve got a video testimonial that I can use on my website and in my credibility kit for life.

Check out just a few of the video testimonials that I’ve captured on video:

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