How to Track Results From Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign


A direct mail marketing campaign is a very effective way to get motivated leads in your pipeline…but do you know just HOW effective? Tracking your response rates to see which mail piece, verbiage, and mailing list has yielded the best response is a crucial component to every campaign. There are multiple ways to track results from a direct mail marketing campaign. Continue below to learn more about some of the most popular methods to track your response:

Call tracking: Create a dedicated phone number for each mail piece you use, so when a call comes through that number, you know it’s a direct result of your direct mail marketing campaign! If you prefer to use your own phone number, you can always ask the client how they heard of you. This way you are still able to accurately track your response rates.

Website Tracking: You also have the option of creating a URL/landing page specifically for a direct mail marketing campaign. This is essentially a second version of your normal website. You can track any traffic on that specific landing page. Since it is a unique page, you will know it is a result of your direct mail marketing campaign.

Identification Numbers: You can also put an identification number on your mail piece. When your leads call or visit your website, you can ask them for the identification number on the mail piece. This allows you to look up which mail piece they received.

Once you begin tracking your responses, you will be able to start focusing on the different components that have yielded the best response. This way, you can replicate what worked well and adjust what needs improvement. Ultimately, you’ll be able to increase your response rate as you make subtle changes to find exactly what works for you!