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How To Use Post-It Notes To Prompt Customer Action

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

Have you ever considered the Post-It Note as a powerful business tool? If your answer is no, you aren’t alone. The Post In Note is not always given enough credit for what it is capable of. If you want to get customers and leads to be a little more responsive to your messages, requests, and solicitation, then you may want to consider using Post-It Notes. 


Why Are Post-It Notes So Successful At Prompting Customer Action? 

A large study was done to see how people would respond to a request for a survey, and the Post It Note was tested. 

To complete this study, the survey was sent in a variety of ways: 

  • The simple survey, no Post-It Notes, and no handwritten note on the front of the survey
  • Handwritten note on the front of the survey 
  • Standard Post It Notes on front of the survey 
  • Customized Post It Note with a personalized message on the front of the survey 


What was discovered was that the surveys with the Post It Notes on the front had return rates that were 25% or higher than the survey without the Post It Notes. In addition, the surveys with customized or personal notes were even more likely to increase customer interaction. 

The Post-It Note helps a customer focus on exactly what they need to focus on. It dials in their attention and makes them feel more connected as if their information is needed and respected. 


How To Use Post-It Notes To Generate More Leads? 

Now that you can see the power of the Post-It Note, you may be looking to add this to your marketing plan for your business. Here are a few of the common ways that we use Post-It Notes 

at Yellow Letters Complete to help prompt customer action. 


Letters With Standard Handwritten Post It 

A letter sent to a prospect asking for them to give you a call is a great place to use a handwritten Post It Note. The Post It typically has a call to action on it, something like “call me” with the phone number listed. 

The letters are often short and to the point, and if all a customer does is read the Post It Notes, they will still know what is required of them.  


Letters With Custom Personalized Post It 

The personalized post-it note helps take this type of marketing a step further in the right direction. The personalization may now say the prospect’s name with the phone number and a call to action. 

As soon as you call a person by their first name on a handwritten post-it note, you are developing a business relationship and a connection with them that can be grown into something more. 


Final Thoughts 

The great thing about using Post-It Notes as part of your marketing is that it has already been proven to be effective. At this point, it is up to you to use it and develop the message for the letter and Post It that makes the most sense for your business. At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer Post-It Notes on any of our letters, which can be personalized or customized with a handwritten font. 

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