Direct Mail for Insurance

Direct Mail Campaigns for Insurance Agents and Brokers

At Yellow Letters Complete, we prepare personalized marketing campaigns that are sure to leave a lasting impression with your prospects. We have helped professionals around the country grow their businesses with affordable, Truly Handwritten direct marketing campaigns. We will help you target a filtered mailing list, design your mail piece and message, and manage the campaign on your behalf.


Our personalized, handwritten campaigns are a great fit for Insurance Agents and Brokers. Some examples include:

Annual Insurance Review

  • Reach out to your client base each year to review their current insurance profile.
  • Have they had any life events that would change their insurance needs?
  • New cars, more kids, moving homes…there is always a reason to reconsider your coverage

Medicare / Turning 65

  • Reach out to this group with a Truly Handwritten Envelope or a Signature Letter to get their attention
  • The personal approach is a highly effective way to generate responses

Current Clients

  • Reach out to your existing clients with a personal touch!
  • Seasonal cards or stationery is the perfect reminder that they have an Agent in their corner

Mailing Lead Lists for Insurance Agents and Brokers

Yellow Letters Complete offers many different options to search for prospects nearby. Choose from one of our many different types of leads below:


  • High quality data from the county records all across the USA
  • Mortgage, property, and demographic data all together


  • Nationwide database of households and their consumption preferences


  • Homes listed for sale, updated weekly!

New Homeowners

  • Recent home purchases are the perfect time to reach out to new prospects


  • Find millions of business across the US
  • Reach out to key decision makers

Healthcare Professionals

  • Nurses, Doctors and millions of healthcare professionals

Yellow Letters Complete Services for Insurance Direct Mail

We offer premium product and service options to best fit your campaign:

Premium Products

The exceptional level of quality and ability to supply at scale make our handwritten mail the most attractive and cost-effective product available. Our team offers handwritten customizations that our customers say stand out from all other pieces they’ve seen and are nearly impossible to mass-produce.

Premium Service

Customer service starts at first contact. Our direct mail process is stress-free and user-friendly, and we’re always ready to step in whenever you need us. Some customers know what they want while others prefer a reassuring voice guiding them through the process. Either way, we can take care of you! Our high-quality service is complimentary for all of our customers, not just for certain orders. You come to us for the best product, you deserve the best treatment.

    • Quick Turnaround: Our group is dedicated to your success. We’re able to quickly turn around orders thanks to dozens of writers putting pen to paper at any given time.
    • Quality Control: All printing occurs in our facility and each piece undergoes a rigorous inspection process, something you don’t always find with more automated options.
    • Campaign Management: We manage your long-term multitouch drip campaigns, split your mailings into batches, and handle your opt-outs—all with no extra fees.
    • Communications: Call between 9am and 7pm M–F and you’ll talk with a real person right away. Email and we’ll get back to you within the hour (within two on the weekend!).
    • Consultations: We offer 100% free campaign consultation regardless of your direct mail experience. Bottom line, if you need help, we’re here!

Your customer service has been as good as it gets. I wish everyone that I dealt with was as attentive as you’ve been.”

– Mark M.

Truly Handwritten™ Envelopes

Our recommended option, these envelopes are each individually addressed by our team of dedicated writers. Handwritten envelopes get the most attention and boast the highest response rates out of any mail piece because of their personal appearance.

The mailing address on the front stands out as a truly handcrafted mail piece that maximizes the personal approach to marketing. Postage includes a sticky standard stamp or seasonal First Class stamp for added effect.

Finally, the back is sealed with a personal return address label to make it look and feel like you painstakingly prepared each letter and envelope and mailed them to your prospects individually.

Need help getting started?

Feeling spoiled by choice?  If you are unsure which options are best for your campaign, schedule a free consultation with one of our direct marketing experts.

Generate a mailing list

We help you target the right audienced based on your strategy and goals.

Develop your message

Finding the right words can be a challenge. Customize your mail to stay on message and on brand.

Plan your campaign

Make your follow up easy, automatic, and effective.

Request a Free Sample Pack

Start your direct mail marketing campaign with Yellow Letters Complete to generate more leads. See the Truly Handwritten™ difference for yourself.

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Handwritten Post-It Notes

You’ve probably used a small yellow sticky note in your own day-to-day to send a quick message or call attention to something. It’s not just you. Many professionals have done it, and for good reason. Sticky notes have been proven to increase engagement and response rates.

Highlight your call to action with a personalized note to your recipient. For a nominal 29¢ upcharge, upgrade your letter to a completely unique, eyecatching experience.

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