Lockboxes For Dummies


When you’re marketing a property, you should never, and I mean NEVER go out and show the house to prospects. This will suck up and waste your time, and make you hate the fact that you ever got into this business in the first place.

There’s an entire system that you can use to Market Your Houses to Buyers that is a complete auto pilot system. You only talk to the people once they’ve gone out the house, they know how the program works (because they’ve read the information that you’ve given them), and they’ve filled out the application.

Here’s a Tip to Help You Develop your auto pilot system for selling houses: Put a lockbox on the house. When your prospects get to the house, they’re given a number to call where they can get the lockbox code. Kepp the lockbox code REAL EASY, like easy enough for a DUMMY to remember. I like to use “zero”, that way that don’t forget. Then let them see themselves in the house and pick up the information that you’ve left for them on the kitchen sink.

And DON’T worry about people stealing the carpet – chances are they’re just gonna go in and take a look around, and then leave…………..