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Why Mail Marketing is More Relevant than Ever

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf


Yellow Letter for Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing

With the advent of email, social media, and other paperless marketing, it can be easy to overlook the way your business started: with mail campaigns. Here’s why direct mail marketing is more alive than ever:

Physical Mail is Uncommon

With so many companies switching to solely e-marketing, inboxes are flooded and mailboxes are empty. Let your marketing stand out when it arrives right on your target market’s doorstep. The added personal touch of a Yellow Letter is sure to be noticed.

Physical Mail is Tactile

While it’s easy for an email to pass over someone’s eyes and remain unread, it’s more difficult for them to pick something up with their hands and ignore it. Make a direct connection with your target market with a Yellow Letter.
Yellow Letters Complete offers the most effective direct mail marketing in the business, with a 5-15% response rate. Shop online and find the best option for you today!

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