Effective Real Estate Marketing Mail Piece Options

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer several personalized marketing mail piece options to fit practically any marketing campaign. Each letter is mailed in a hand addressed envelope, so your message is sure to be read. Continue below to read more about mail piece options for direct mail marketing and to see which one will work best for your next personalized marketing campaign.

Yellow Letters: Our Yellow Letters are created by loading a real person’s handwriting and adding variability to the characters. This means the first “a” looks different from the second “a” and so forth. Because each letter is stuffed into a hand addressed envelope the recipient will open the letter and read the message. Our Yellow Letters are one of the most effective mail piece options for people who want to send an informal marketing piece. Browse some of our Yellow Letter Templates here.

Real Estate Marketing Yellow Letter Example

Typed Letters: Typed Letters allow for a more formal image while still maintaining a personal touch. Our Typed Letters are appropriate for most campaign types, but they flourish in campaigns with a serious tone. Each letter can be signed with a digital signature or a wet ink signature in your choice of blue or black ink. Consider adding a logo or color letterhead to increase your professional image. Of all mail piece options, typed letters can be the most effective way to build credibility. See some of our Typed Letter Templates here.

Real Estate Marketing Typed Letter Example

Postcards: Postcards are best used as a follow-up touch to keep your information in front of your clients. Though they do not boast the same response rates as Yellow Letters or Typed Letters, one of the lowest cost mail piece options is a postcard. For people sending multiple mail pieces to the same list or operating on a lower budget postcards can be a good choice. Our postcards are available in several bright colors, so they are sure to stand out. Check out our postcard templates here.

Real Estate Marketing Postcard Example

Greeting Cards: Our Greeting Cards are perfect for holidays and thank you notes. They are a great option to use for customer retention. The message inside is used with our proprietary variable font software, just like our Yellow Letters, so it feels personal. The image on the outside is also completely customizable. Simply send us a picture, use your logo, or we can provide an image for you. Click here for more information on greeting cards.

Greeting Card Marketing Letter Example – Outside
Greeting Card Marketing Letter Example – Inside

Door Hangers: Door Hangers are a great tool for targeting neighborhoods. Simply choose the color and message you would like and we will ship your Door Hangers directly to you. Click here to read more about Door Hangers.

Real Estate Marketing Door Hanger Example

Consider picking a few products and sending a multiple-touch campaign. Using the most effective mail piece options for each touch will go a long way towards improving your response rate, and keeping your information in front of your clients will make sure that you say top of mind. Read about which hand addressed envelopes you can pair with your personalized marketing mail pieces or contact us today to learn more about our products.

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