Mail Strategy


There are several strategies regarding what to say on your mail piece, how many times to contact your list, and how long to wait between mailings. This time we’ll cover the frequency of multi-touch yellow letter marketing campaigns and next time we’ll cover what to say on your mail piece.

With most mailing lists it makes sense to reach out to the person at least twice and usually three times when using yellow letters. If using postcards it may take seven or even more touches to generate a response (here is a post comparing the effectiveness of the two mail pieces.)

The timing of the touches is also important, so in a multi-touch mailer think about what may be motivating the person to sell. For example, one pain point of being an absentee owner can be interaction with the renter, which usually happens each month when the owner is collecting the rent. Staggering the mailings in a way that the people on the list have time to interact with the renter before they receive the next mail piece can improve the response rate.

A notice of default list can be more time sensitive because people are feeling pressure to sell and may also be moving. This means that the longer the waiting period between each touch the more likely it is that the person has moved or already decided what they will be doing with the property.