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Marketing Details Matter: Why Real Estate Clients Love Autopen Letters

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

Marketing is all about forming a connection with customers, and that is especially true in real estate.  Whether you are helping someone buy or sell a house, you have to understand some basic things about them in order to be effective as a realtor.  This needs to come across not only in person but also in written communication.  This is where autopen letters come into play.

If you want your house offer letter to truly be the best it can be, work with a company that has an autopen machine.  This device creates “handwritten” letters.  Using autopen allows you to send personalized marketing letters to all your clients for less money and time than writing each note or hiring a person to do so.  The effects can be huge.  Here are three reasons why real estate clients love autopen letters.

#1 Autopen Letters Show that Realtors Care 

Typing up a house offer letter is what most clients expect of you.  There’s likely a template you follow each time, so you simply have to paste in the necessary information about this specific customer.  It takes almost no effort.  If a potential customer is getting lots of offers in the mail, another typed note isn’t exactly pushing them to choose you.

A letter written with an autopen machine shows a level of care that a typed message does not.  You took the time to find a company that creates these notes.  Even though it’s still cost- and time-effective for you, autopen letters give the appearance of more time spent.  People want to know you see them as more than a number, and an autopen house offer letter can help secure their loyalty. 

#2 Aesthetic and Easy to Read 

What looks better, a handwritten letter or a typed one?  You’re probably thinking, “It depends on the handwriting.”  With an autopen machine, you get the nice look of handwriting without the potential mess of it actually being handwritten.  Autopen letters are pleasing to look at even as they’re as easy to read as any typed note.

Most mass marketing letters use cheap paper and envelopes, but this simply won’t work with an autopen machine.  The higher quality paper used makes your note look that much better.  It helps you appear professional, and clients love it.  They’re also less likely to throw away a note that looks good.  Keeping your information around means they’re more likely to use it.  

#3 Stand Out from Other Marketing Letters 

If a client is trying to decide whether or not to hire your services, an autopen letter can help push them towards choosing you.  These letters are eye-catching.  They help you stand out not only from the competition but also from other mail the customer may be getting.  Handwritten letters are rare these days, even the type created by an autopen machine.  Something that looks less like a typical house offer letter and more like a nice message from a friend or relative stands out in a stack of boring ads and mailers.  

According to Marketing Profs, Only 44% of people can recall a brand immediately after seeing a digital ad compared  to 75% of people who receive direct mail. 

Ready to Try Autopen Letters for Your Real Estate Clients? 

Interested in using an autopen machine to write your next house offer letter?  Yellow Letters Complete is here for you.  Our true ink letters are written by robowriters on linen paper that are sure to catch the eye of any client.  Simply provide us with a list of customers and your message for them, and we do the rest.  Focus on your business while getting better marketing results with Yellow Letters Complete.  Call (888) 294-0780 or contact us to learn more.


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