Marketing Tip: Using Virtual Phone Numbers


In today’s ever changing real estate market, there are going to be some things that are more challenging than others. If your business
isn’t doing as well as you’d like for it to, you should always step back and have a look at your marketing plan.

What type of marketing are you doing to get that house sold? Are you marketing consistently? What kind of responses are you getting to the
marketing that you’re doing?

Testing and tracking your marketing is a sure fire way to track what’s working and what’s now. Here’s a Tip:

You can use “virtual” phone numbers on your marketing pieces to track your response rates for different ads. They’re pretty inexpensive, and are a great way to fine tune your message to get the MAXIMUM response, the fastest results, and be on your way to that big payday SOONER.

Make subtle changes to fine tune your messages until you’re getting the results that you’re happy with.

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