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Handwritten Mail for Non-Profits

Empowering Nonprofits with Effective Direct Marketing Solutions

Welcome to Yellow Letters Complete’s Nonprofit Industry Page. At YLC, we understand the unique challenges and objectives that nonprofits face in their mission to make the world a better place. That’s why we’re here to provide you with tailored direct marketing solutions that amplify your outreach, boost fundraising efforts, and connect with your supporters on a deeper level.

Our Services​

Personalized Direct Mail

Boost the results of your appeal with handwritten letters and cards that convey the heartfelt mission of your nonprofit. Our truly handwritten approach ensures your message is genuine and resonates with your audience.

Multi-Touch Campaigns

Engage your donors with thoughtful multi-touch campaigns that include follow-up letters and postcards, maximizing your chances of securing contributions.

List Optimization

Let us help you refine your donor lists for more precise targeting, ensuring your appeals reach the right people at the right time.We clean your list to update your address list and remove undeliverable pieces before you pay for them.

Digital Integration

Seamlessly combine traditional direct mail with digital marketing strategies, creating a cohesive and impactful donor engagement experience.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We offer competitive pricing options designed to accommodate the budgets of nonprofit organizations, allowing you to allocate more resources to your core initiatives.

USPS Setup

The Postal Service loves working with nonprofits! They have exclusive discounts available to nonprofit organizations that can save over 50% of your postage costs. The team at YLC will help your organization with all the setup requirements and paperwork to take advantage of these discounts.

Why Choose YLC?

White Glove Service

Our team of direct marketing professionals is dedicated to making your next campaign a success. We will help you through the entire process of crafting a campaign including data processing, content creation, and handwriting your envelopes.

Human-Centric Approach

YLC’s truly handwritten letters evoke a personal connection that automated processes simply can’t replicate. This authenticity can be a game-changer for nonprofits seeking to build meaningful relationships with their supporters.

Proven Success

With an impressive track record of helping nonprofits achieve their goals, we know what it takes to craft campaigns that resonate with donors and generate results.

Dedicated Support

Our team is committed to assisting nonprofits every step of the way, from campaign strategy and design to execution and analysis.


We understand the importance of maximizing every dollar for nonprofit organizations. That’s why our services are designed to deliver a strong return on investment.

Let’s Make a Difference Together

Whether you’re looking to boost donations, increase volunteer engagement, or raise awareness for your cause, Yellow Letters Complete is your trusted partner. Join the ranks of nonprofits that have experienced the power of personalization and the impact of effective direct marketing. Let’s work together to drive positive change and make your nonprofit’s mission a resounding success.


Contact us today to explore how YLC can empower your nonprofit’s outreach efforts.

Need help getting started?

Feeling spoiled by choice?  If you are unsure which options are best for your campaign, schedule a free consultation with one of our direct marketing experts.

Generate a mailing list

We help you target the right audienced based on your strategy and goals.

Develop your message

Finding the right words can be a challenge. Customize your mail to stay on message and on brand.

Plan your campaign

Make your follow up easy, automatic, and effective.