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Optimizing Your Wholesale Yellow Letter Campaign

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

In real estate, like any industry, to get attention to your promotions, you want your advertising efforts to stand out. And that is where those Yellow Letter Campaigns come into play. This one of the most used marketing methods for the wholesaling real estate. But this isn’t anything you don’t already know!

Do Yellow Letters Really Work for Wholesale Real Estate?

If you’re already invested into wholesale real estate but your business has slowed down, you probably looking for a way to give it a boost.  You’re asking yourself if Wholesaling Direct Mail really works, especially Wholesaling Yellow Letters. Are they worth the effort and time, or is it just another way to throw away those precious advertising dollars?

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and yes real estate wholesaler, wholesaling yellow letters really do work. This method of marketing is referred to as ‘direct mail marketing’ and is used in many industries. From funeral planning to home warranty and in recent times, wholesaling real estate.

Real estate is like anything you buy and sell. You want to buy low and sell high, making a healthy profit, right? Real estate wholesalers have discovered that they can connect with home and property owners using this yellow letter strategy with handwritten letters to buy their homes or property at a sweet discount.

What Makes This The New Best Way To Market?

This is a direct mail done on yellow notepad looking paper with a handwritten message. They appear to look as if you, the real estate wholesaler, has sought out the recipient specifically, with an interest to buy a house or other property they own.

It is a direct mail approach that doesn’t look like direct mail, which the general public would see as “junk mail”. Yellow letter direct mail is a way for real estate wholesalers to look as if each home or property owner is getting a personalized handwritten letter, showing concern and interest in their home or property.

These wholesaling yellow letters can be mailed out to owners of bankruptcy, foreclosure, or any property that is in a hardship situation. These are prospects for a real estate wholesaler that are prime for honing in on, and by showing a touch of compassion with a handwritten note will get you their attention much quicker than the basic 3-fold brochure stuff inside a white envelope.

So How Can You Get The Most Of The Yellow Letter Campaign?

This wholesaling yellow letter direct mail campaign has proven to be highly successful, thus creating profits, for real estate wholesalers. But if not done right, it can be just another way to throw those precious marketing dollars to the wind.

The first thing you need to be attentive with is the timing of your yellow letter marketing. If your yellow letter doesn’t arrive in mailboxes on a good day, it is more likely to get tossed in the recycling or shredder.

And while bigger is better, you should start with a small batch as a test batch. By starting small and working up to bigger batches, you can refine your yellow letter marketing efforts so that you’re getting the most from it. If your small test market brings in some positive response, then do a bigger batch next time, and work your way up.

A critical part of a successful wholesaling yellow letter campaign is your targeting. You need to have a specific focus, which will create a smaller batch and give you a better chance at having a high conversion rate. When you have a high conversion rate, you are getting a higher ROI, which means, you aren’t wasting as much of those precious marketing dollars.

Have a toll-free phone number on your yellow letter. Many of your hardship house and property owners may be out-of-state, so a toll-free number is more likely to be used and it will give you call capture feature that your office admin support person can pre-screen.

And the biggest way to make your wholesaling direct yellow letter mail campaign work is to follow up with any responses you get!  The unanswered response is the loss of a potential buyer and is a waste of those marketing dollars. No matter if those responses come to you by phone calls, emails, or letters, FOLLOW UP!

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