Picture Perfect – Using High Quality Images on Typed Marketing Letters


At Yellow Letters Complete, we can give your message a professional appearance by preparing a direct mail marketing campaign of typed marketing letters. For an added touch, we can add your logo and can also even sign your signature to the bottom of each letter. By sending these typed marketing letters in hand addressed envelopes, your leads will open the envelope and read your message! Sounds like the perfect plan! Could anything go wrong?

High Resolution Example


Low Resolution Example


Using a poor picture can give a fuzzy, sloppy appearance to your letter. If the ink looks splotchy, blurry, and unfinished, your leads may question your credibility. And if the letter doesn’t look its very best, your leads may also think that you don’t truly care about their situation.

So how can you avoid this mishap? Use a high resolution picture. Using a picture with a higher dpi (dots per image) can help avoid messy images that can scar your letter. For more information on how to check the resolution of your image, click here.

This same idea can be applied to other aspects of your letter. For example, we can add a digital signature to your mail piece to add a personal touch. The signature is handwritten and scanned in at a high resolution to look as authentic as possible. You can provide your own signature as well, but like the logo or image, make sure that it is a high resolution picture.

Looking for a way to avoid dealing with resolution altogether? We can help! You can add color to your typed marketing letters by sending your message on stationery. We use high resolution images on our stationery, and we can even create a custom stationery letter template for your campaign!

Would you rather go digital-free? We can sign your name to your typed marketing letters in wet ink! You can choose between blue and black ink for your wet ink signature to help your typed marketing letters maintain a personal and professional appearance.