Direct Mail For Industries Other Than Wholesale Real Estate Investors

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

At Yellow Letters Complete, we’re recognized for our handwritten yellow letters for the wholesaling real estate industry.

What many may not know is that we also offer multiple types of customization options that can fit other businesses.

No matter the industry, we have targeted leads just for you along with the same high-quality mail pieces we have offered the wholesale real estate industry, including envelopes that are truly hand addressed. They are each designed to make any business stand out and grow.

And while we have a specific focus on wholesaling real estate, we have worked with many other industries like auto dealers, collection agencies, dentists, financial sector, HVAC, and more. If you are a business owner and we haven’t listed your industry here, that doesn’t mean we can’t be of help to you too. We are committed to helping all our clients, regardless the industry, to design a mail campaign that will bring in new customers.

Unsure Where To Get Started?      

Yellow Letters Complete has been getting those in the wholesale real estate sector started with mailing campaigns from scratch for years, and we can do the same for other industries too. We will provide leads that are best suited for any industry’s marketing needs that are high-quality and specifically targeted. These lists are made from filters that the business owners choose so that they best meet their needs within each respective industry.

Our clients in the real estate industry that are wholesaling properties have found that we have a helpful staff in determining which filter options are the most effective. We will provide you targeted leads that will help you gain new customers that are most likely to utilize your services. Click here to see the different leads lists offered here at Yellow Letters Complete. And if you are already working with a list, we can clean it up and put in a format that will be easier to use, free-of-charge.

More Than Just For Wholesaling Real Estate

Targeted mailing lists aren’t all we do for those in wholesaling real estate either. We have a large selection of mail piece options that our wholesale clients can choose from, which are suitable for many other industries, or we can help you create a custom mail piece that is unique to you, including signatures that are either digital or wet ink.  We can give you options to include a business card or a coupon for that something extra that our wholesale real estate clients have found to be helpful.

Here at Yellow Letters Complete, we can help you retain your existing customers too with thank you notes or designing seasonal greeting cards that keep you touch with them, showing your appreciation. We will design your yellow letter campaign, or any other mail piece with truly hand addressed envelopes to give them a personal touch. Our work with real estate wholesalers have shown that the hand addressed process, truly hand addressed, is more likely to be opened and read by the recipient, and can be for your industry too!

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