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Direct Mail Postage Options for Hand Addressed Envelopes

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

When preparing your direct mail marketing campaign, there are several factors to consider: your mail piece and message, your target audience, color choices for your hand addressed envelopes, and more! One factor to also keep in mind is the type of postage you would like to use for your campaign. At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer a variety of postage options to best meet your budget and needs.   

There are a few differences to keep in mind when deciding on your postage type. The two most common postage types are First Class and Standard. One of the biggest concerns when deciding the postage type is the expected delivery time. First Class postage guarantees  delivery within 5 business days, while Standard postage guarantees delivery within 3-30 days. Standard postage will still typically arrive about a week after mailing. For extremely time sensitive lists, however, First Class postage may be the better option.

Postmarks present another difference between First Class and Standard postage. The post office does not postmark mail with Standard postage, giving your hand addressed envelopes a local appearance. However, the post office does postmark mail with First Class postage. When we mail letters with First Class postage, they will include a postmark from our Hurley, Wisconsin location. If you prefer, we can also ship your letters in hand addressed envelopes back to you, stamped with First Class postage, so you can mail them from your local post office.

Both First Class stamps and Standard stamps are physical, sticky stamps that are affixed to each hand addressed envelope. First Class stamps, however, are available in several seasonal styles, colors, and themes while Standard stamps have limited designs.

Finally…the cost. First Class postage costs an additional $0.20 per unit compared to Standard postage. If you have a time sensitive list, prefer to have your envelopes postmarked, or would like to match a specific style, First Class stamps may be the best choice for you. If the delivery time for your mailing list is not urgent, you’d prefer to forgo the postmark entirely, or you are looking for a cost effective option, Standard stamps may be a better fit.

We mail letters in truly hand addressed envelopes with a live sticky stamp, regardless of the postage type you choose! This personal touch will ensure your readers open your letter, increasing the likelihood that your direct mail marketing campaign is a success!

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