Quality vs Quantity – Which is Best for Your Campaign?

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

Now that you have planned your marketing budget, you are ready to start mailing your direct mail marketing campaigns. So in order to get the highest response, you’ll want to send the most mail pieces you can, right? Not necessarily.

When it comes to direct mail campaigns, the quality of your mail piece and mailing list can impact your response more than the quantity. This means you can get a better response by sending 500 mail pieces strategically than by sending 1000 mail pieces randomly.

So how do you know if your mail piece is high in quality? First, it needs to make sense for your target audience. By choosing a mail piece that compliments your mailing list, you are sending your mail piece to an audience that may be more receptive to your mail piece. For example, when mailing to a probate mailing list, sending a greeting card with condolences is a much warmer approach than a bright and flashy postcard. Conversely, a postcard might be a wonderful follow-up touch to a mailing list where a plain typed letter may be viewed as stuffy. Once you understand your audience, you can choose a mail piece that will appeal to them. Unsure which mail piece will work for your audience? A yellow letter works well for most campaign types.

Your mailing list is also vital for a high quality direct mail campaign. Sending a high number of mail pieces to a poor quality mailing list may leave your phone silent. Instead, invest in a quality mailing list that uses filters to help target your ideal audience. By focusing on motivated leads, your mail piece is more impactful. Make sure to also check if your list provider suppresses their data. This means the list provider will not supply the same leads more than once during a certain period of time. By ensuring the data is suppressed, you can help lower competition.

By valuing the quality of your campaign over the sheer quantity, you will receive more response from motivated leads. To learn more about choosing a high quality direct mail campaign, contact us today.

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