Scheduling a Direct Mail Probate Campaign for the Holiday Season

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

A direct mail probate campaign is unique. It is a difficult and often overwhelming time for your potential leads. There are several decisions that must be made, and settling the estate can be challenging. Many executors will want to have input from other family members to make sure that everyone is in agreement regarding the estate.

In order to keep things simple for your leads, consider sending a probate campaign during the holiday season. Since many families will gather together during this time, it can make the decision making process smoother for your leads. It can be a convenient time to discuss options and decide how to settle the estate.

This also means that you could close more deals in a shorter time span! Many families will appreciate finishing the process so they can focus on other responsibilities. With everyone together for the holidays, families can reach an agreement more easily. Often, this will be the first time an executor/personal representative will be dealing with this process. By reaching out as a resource, you can improve your response rate! Providing an option to settle the estate quickly, or on their preferred timeline, can help many families find relief.

Mailing to a fresh probate mailing list may help reach leads that are motivated to close quickly. Ask your list provider if they suppress their data or offer any mailing list filters. If they suppress their data, this means they will not give out the same leads to anyone else within a certain time frame. This can help make sure you have a high quality mailing list as well as help with competition. You can also choose to send another touch to a probate mailing list you have previously mailed to. This can help get the most response from your list.

For a warm approach, try sending a greeting card. This will help your message stand out during the holiday season while staying sincere and personal. Alternatively, you can send a formal letter with a wet ink signature for a more professional approach. We also offer several envelope colors to help match the season.

Contact us today to learn more about a direct mail probate campaign and how you can set up yours today!

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