Seasonal Mail Piece Options for the Holidays!

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

Looking to stand out and try something new this Holiday Season? Grab the attention of your target audience by sending a seasonal mail piece. Our festive stationery letters and holiday cards can help increase your response rate while maintaining a personal appearance!

Stationery Letters

Our festive stationery letters are perfect for anyone looking to send a personalized marketing campaign with a seasonal component.  You can choose from our available templates, or we can create a custom template using your preferred theme!

Holiday Stationery - Ornaments  Holiday Stationery - String of Lights     Holiday Stationery - Garland

Holiday Greeting Cards

If you are looking for a way to send a warm welcome to your audience, try one of our holiday greeting cards! Let your clients know you appreciate their business with one of our charming and decorative cards. Choose one of our card options or use a custom design of your own! With our hand-addressed envelopes and festive holiday cards, you can leave a lasting impression with your leads.

Holiday Greeting Card - Snow Village

Seasonal Envelopes

We can also send our stationery letters, holiday greeting cards, or any other letter option in a seasonal envelope. We have several available colors to choose from, and we can even print a seasonal graphic on each envelope to help your campaign stand out even more!

Holiday Envelope - Red Santa   Holiday Envelope - Green Gifts

Other Seasonal Mail Piece Options

Our seasonal options don’t stop at stationery letters, holiday greeting cards, or festive envelopes. We can also customize any mail piece to match the theme of your letter! Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, or any other holiday, we can give your seasonal mail piece a unique twist. We can add a picture to your typed letter or postcard, or even include an insert of your choice with each letter. Taking the time to coordinate your mail piece, envelopes, and ink colors will help your campaign stand out and get results!

Holiday Typed Letter - Mistletoe       Holiday Postcard - Santa and Gifts

For more information about our seasonal mail piece options and what you can include on yours, contact us at 888-294-0780.

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